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What Sets Professional House Cleaning Apart?

In many areas, you won't have any problems finding a slew of people who claim that they "do houses." What is a problem is finding people who are good at it! Therefore, you need to take some care when choosing a cleaning service Oklahoma City OK. This will help you avoid everything from simple disappointment to outright theft. Here are some of the biggest things to look for:


  • A real company. The top cleaning services are all licensed businesses, with company names, logos, sites, and everything else that goes with being a company. A company quickly acquires a reputation, good or bad, that allows you to get a sense of whether it should be hired.

  • Bonded and insured employees. When an employee is bonded, the bonding company will pay you if that person steals from you. An insured employee, on the other hand, has coverage that will pay you for any damages he or she causes (whether accidentally or otherwise). One of the reasons to deal with a real company is that a business will usually bond and insure all employees that they send to people's homes.

  • Company reputation. Businesses that have been around a while will accumulate reviews and reputation. Ask around about the cleaning service Oklahoma City OK that you are thinking of hiring, and avoid any that have too many bad reviews.

  • Available options. Once you've found a company with good reviews and employees who are bonded and insured, it's time to make sure they offer the services you want. It is common for the top cleaning services to offer multiple options and service levels.


As is now clear, there are important differences between a company that provides professional house cleaning and a random person who "does houses." The random person may indeed be honest and conscientious, but there is no guarantee of it – and unless you pay for a criminal background check, there isn't much of a way to find out. Not only that, even the most conscientious person may have a mishap and break something, but non-business workers are unlikely to be insured or be able to pay for the item. For this reason, the best bet is to always get professional house cleaning from a licensed, insured, and bonded employee working for a company that is also licensed and insured.


One of the top cleaning services in Oklahoma City is Hummingbird Housecleaning. This company provides comprehensive cleaning on a weekly, one-time, or custom basis. Call them to discuss your needs and set up a plan that works for you. There are no contracts, so they must re-earn your business with each visit.

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