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Cheap House Cleaning Near Me

Is a Personal Housekeeper Too Expensive?

Even now, there is a widespread expectation that a personal housekeeper is a hugely expensive luxury. This is due to movies, books, and even comics producing a stereotype of a housekeeper being an on-call, live-in household servant. While such arrangements do indeed exist, they are actually very rare and limited to the ultra-wealthy. For almost everyone else, a personal housekeeper is actually a person who has many clients and goes from house to house during the day. This housekeeper will likely stop at each client's house once per week or even less.


Since the housekeeper isn't relying on just one client to make an entire living from, there is no need for her or him to charge everyone exorbitant rates. In fact, you will likely find that the costs are surprisingly low compared to what the old stereotype would have you expecting! This system allows many more people to get professional maid service than the one that movie makers like to show.


Because of this, when you find yourself saying, "I need a housekeeper!" you don't have to then search for "cheap house cleaning near me." In fact, companies that explicitly claim that they're cheap usually cut corners, so they should usually be avoided. This is because when they're thinking of what is cheap, they're not comparing themselves to Cadbury the Butler. Instead, they're thinking of their real-world competition – and much of this competition is already offering affordable rates.


Therefore, you should look for a house cleaning company with a variety of plans so that you can choose the one that fits your budget. This, rather than "cheap house cleaning near me," is the best way to ensure that you not only can afford professional cleaning, but will get satisfactory results.


There are two main plans available for house cleaning, and they match up with the two times someone is likely to say "I need a housekeeper." The first option is for a one-time cleaning. This is usually chosen when someone is preparing for a big event, like a party, moving out of an apartment, or similar one-off instance. Then, it's important that the home be cleaned very well, but once the event passes, the normal day-to-day cleaning is fine (or, if you've moved, it's not your responsibility any more).


Weekly cleaning is great if you find that you need a housekeeper on an ongoing basis. By setting up this plan, your house is spruced up on a weekly basis, so it never gets too messy. You can often customize what is done with either service so that you can fit it into your budget.

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